How to add and manage bookmarks

in Mozilla Firefox, posted Oct 23rd 2011

Learn how to add bookmarks and tags, then manage them using the bookmarks menu.

Adding a bookmark to your browser is a great way to save time if you visit a webpage often and don’t feel like typing in the web address every time you wish to go there. There are a few ways to add a bookmark to Firefox.

One way is to click on the star outline in the address bar. The star will turn yellow, and your site will be bookmarked in the menu, under the "Unsorted Bookmarks" folder.

Add bookmark star in location bar

If you click on the star again, a small menu appear. From there, you can set the bookmark’s location and add "tags" to it. Tags provide a quick way to access your bookmark. If you type the name of the tag into the address bar, your bookmark will appear first on Firefox’s address bar drop-down list.

Edit bookmark by pressing the star again

The keyboard shortcut for making a bookmark is pressing the "Ctrl" and "D" keys simultaneously.

Another way to save a bookmark is to drag the site icon from the location bar of a website up to your bookmarks menu. The site icon is the icon that’s located next to the web address of the website you’re currently visiting also known as "favicon". When you drag the site icon to the "Bookmarks" option in the menu bar, the menu will open and you can then place the new bookmark anywhere you wish. You can also drag the site icon to the bar directly below the address bar. This will generate a button to quickly access the site you’re currently on.

Drag site icon to the bookmarks menu

You may also add a bookmark by using the "Bookmark This Page" option in the bookmarks menu; if you're not using the menu bar, you need to press the "Firefox" button on the top-left corner, and then check under the "Bookmarks" submenu.

Bookmark this page option in the Bookmarks submenu

To access your bookmarks at a later time, click on "Bookmarks" in the menu bar of your browser window. Your bookmark should be in this list, or in the "Unsorted bookmarks" folder. You can also access the bookmark list by pressing the "Ctrl" and "B" keys simultaneously; this will bring up a sidebar with your bookmarks in it.

Bookmarks sidebar

To manage your bookmarks, access the "Bookmarks" menu, then select "Organize Bookmarks"; then, click on "Bookmarks menu" on the left side; from here, you can drag your bookmarks up and down to re-order them. To create a new bookmark folder, right click on any bookmark, and select "New Folder" to make a new bookmark folder. You can also search through your bookmarks using the search box at the top of the window.

Organize bookmarks dialog