How to set the home page

in Mozilla Firefox, posted Oct 20th 2011

Learn how to change your current homepage in Firefox.

The home page is the site that loads every time you start a web browser or press the dedicated Home button. 

First step is to open the "Options" window.

If you use the classic menu bar, go to "Tools", then click "Options".

Using classic Firefox menu bar - go to tools and click Options

If you're using the new Firefox menu button, click it, then click the main "Options" menu.

 Using new Firefox menu button, click Options main menu

In this new window, go to the "General" tab.

You have four different ways to setup a new home page for the Mozilla Firefox browser:

  • Just type in a website address in the Home Page field

Simply type a new Home Page address

  • Press "Use Current Page" button to set the page you're visiting right now as home page.

Press the Use Current Page button to set a new home page

  • Press the "Use Bookmark" button and choose a website from your bookmarks list.

Click Use Bokmark button, then choose a bookmarked site

  • Click the Restore to Default button and your home page will be set to the default value - the Mozilla Firefox Start Page.

Use the Restore to Default button to reset the home page

After changing the home page, using any of the above, just press the "OK" button to close the "Options" window.