How to clear your cache

in Mozilla Firefox, posted Oct 6th 2011

Learn how to clear your cache files in Firefox.

Clearing your cache eliminates saved internet files on your system. Depending on how many cached files you have stored on your computer, this process can speed up your system slightly. However, cached files will soon accumulate, so clearing your cache often is important if the excess files concern you.

To clear your cache, click on "Tools" in the menu bar, then select "Options".

Open the tools menu

If not using the menu bar, click on the "Firefox" button at the top-left corner and select "Options" in the popup that appears.

Opening the options panel without menu bar

Once the new window opens, select the "Advanced" icon and go to the "Network" tab. Under the "Offline Storage" section, press "Clear Now".

In the options panel, go to the "Advanced" section and "Network" tab,

From this screen, you can also adjust how many megabytes of cache are saved on your system. Simply change the number in the text box to adjust the amount. Make sure to click "OK" when you’re done. 

Change cache size