How to find the profile folder

in Mozilla Firefox, posted Oct 13th 2011

Learn how to find the Firefox profile folder

This guide will show two ways to find the Firefox profile folder: using a Firefox feature available in Firefox 3.6 and newer versions, or by navigating the file system.

Find the profile folder using Firefox

Open the Firefox browser and go to the Help menu, then click on the "Troubleshooting Information" option.

Choose the Help menu from classic menu bar

If you're using the new Firefox menu button, click it, hover the "Help" menu and click the Troubleshooting Information menu.  You'll get a new window to browse the profile folder.

 Choose Help menu from new Firefox orange button

Click the "Open Containing Folder" button, you'll find it under the "Application Basics" section.

Go to the Application Basics section and click the Open Containing Folder button


Find your profile without the use of Firefox

 If you're using the new Windows Vista or Windows 7,  click the Windows Start button, go to the Search box and type: %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ . Do not press Enter after you type Enter.

There will be a list of profiles displayed, you just need to click one of them to browse it.

Find the Firefox profile folder using the Windows Vista or WIndows 7 Search box

If you're using Windows 2000 or WIndows XP, click the WIndows Start button, then choose the Run... menu.

Find the Firefox profile folder using the Windows Run menu

In the new window,   type or copy/paste: %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ . Then press Enter or the OK button. There will be a new window, where you have to double click the "default" folder to open it.

Find the Firefox profile folder using the Windows Run window