How to uninstall an extension

in Mozilla Firefox, posted Oct 13th 2011

Learn how to uninstall an extension in Firefox

One of the reasons Firefox browser is so famous and used worldwide is the abundance of add-ons (extensions) available for your use.

This can also be a problem. If you have too many extensions or one of them is behaving badly, your Firefox browser may be slugginsh or even crash.

That's why, today you'll learn how to uninstall a Firefox extension.

Click on the Firefox button and choose "Add-ons" menu.

Opem the add-ons menu from the orange Firefox button.

If you're using the classic menu bar, click the "Tools" menu, then go to the  "Add-ons" menu.  

Open the Add-ons menu from the clasic Firefox menu bar

Click on the "Extensions" tab on the left side and you'lee see a list of all add-ons installed.

Click on the extension you want to uninstall, the click the "Remove" button on the far right side.

Display the list of installed Firefox add-ons

The final step is to restart the Firefox browser. Just click the "Restart now" link.

Restart Firefox browser, in order to completely remove the extension