Working with tabbed browsing

in Internet Explorer, posted Oct 23rd 2011

Learn how to manage tabs in Internet Explorer.

Tabbed browsing is an innovative feature that eliminates the need to open multiple browser windows. Instead, many web pages may be opened using the same browser window, each in their own tab.

To open a new tab, either click on the "New Tab" icon to the right of all the active tabs or press the "Ctrl" and "T." keys simultaneously.

New tab button

To refresh a tab, right click on it and select "Refresh". To close a tab, click on the "X" located on the right side of the tab you wish to close. In newer Internet Explorer versions, the tabs can be dragged among windows. Also, you may right click on a tab to bring up the contextual menu for it to see all actions that can be done with it, like duplicating it.